“Hello, I am a North Atlantic right whale. There are only 411 of us left swimming in the sea. They gave me my name because I was the right whale to hunt. Today it is forbidden to hunt me, but I have other problems.

When you hug me, you can feel something in my tummy. What is this?! If you squeeze it, you will find out it is a plastic cap! I filter the plankton in the sea, but nowadays I find more plastic than food and now it is stuck inside my body. It is a reminder, that you should take better care of our planet. It is our home too!

Think about how you can help our environment to become a clean place to live again. Introduce my story to the others too – I make especially good friends with the children.”

At the start of this project in 2019 there were only 411 North Atlantic right whales still living. First 411 toys made will be marked with unique serial numbers.


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